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4th Monday May 2014 -- it's actually the THIRD Monday!

Bob Salvas and I would love to see you all at the May 19th "4th Monday Networking" event at Bar Louie in Patriot Place.  It's the third Monday due to the Memorial Day weekend.  And maybe we'll even be up on the roof!

If you have the afternoon/evening free, come on over and say hi to us.  Here's the link to register:



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What to do when you don't have time for social networking

Don’t be fooled by the the limited activity you see on this blog.  If you’ve been paying attention then you know that a social footprint goes well beyond a blog and there are several strategies to maintain a social presence with little or no additional effort at all.


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Wake Up and Realize Why A Generation Is Failing

You can blame the schools.  Plenty of people blame social inequalities.  When in doubt, blame Congress and the President!  Each day it is impossible to avoid countless interactions ranging from “it’s not fair”, to “that’s not right”, and “we need to talk to someone about this!”


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20 Review Sites That Will Expand Your Influence

Amazon, Epinions, and Yelp were pioneers of the user feedback and rating movement.  A recent “Review Boom” lead to dozens of new feedback platforms, rating scales, and opinion forums.  Consumers can’t determine the best source for reliable content, let alone understand how the different rating systems work.  To become a trusted-source of information you must know where your voice will be heard.  If you leave a review where nobody will see it, does anyone care…


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Eliminate These Distractions And Your Productivity Will Become Unstoppable!

Read More...If you consider the time spent harvesting your imaginary farm productive then I suggest you stop reading now. Everyone knows that life is full of distractions. How you handle distractions has a direct impact on your personal well-being, productivity, financial success, and the relationships you develop. My goal is to encourage everyone to take…


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How to Drink Like a Pro and Maintain Your Professionalism

Every coach, consultant and self-proclaimed guru adamantly advise people to impose a 2-drink limit at a professional meeting or event where alcohol is being served.  If you need that type of hand-holding then my advice is not for you.  My tips and tricks teach you how to maintain a respectable,…

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Who Should Pay for Wireless Devices

“With an individual liability strategy, the risks can be significant”

Unless you live in the deep wilderness, you’ve noticed that the wireless world is upon us in every facet of our lives. Wireless devices have clearly become the standard mode of communication for both personal and business purposes, as is evidenced by a trip downtown, a trip to the airport, or a trip through your own home.

There is no question that the wireless device is an invaluable business tool, and…


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Top 10 Websites You Know You Should Be Using but You Don’t!

Everyone wants to offer advice, uncover little-known resources and introduce websites that require more of your valuable time.  Many professionals overlook important and productive activities because they are too busy trying testing the next tool or website that claims to save time, maintain organization or improve productivity.


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9 Steps to Stop Losing Your Facebook Page Audience

It started with Fans, then you asked people to “Like” your company or brand. Your audience and social outreach continued to expand. Just when you were gaining momentum and thought you successfully navigated Facebook’s changes, Timeline torpedoed your page.

Continue Reading...

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12 Ways to Keep Tweets Under 140 Characters

It is a constant challenge for Twitters users to live in a 140-character world. The elements of a successful tweet are a clear message, audience engagement, and influence expansion. All this must be accomplished in 140-characters or less.

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Have you guys heard about Inbound Networking?

I spent most of the past two years working in the virtual world and haven't been to many networking events. A couple of weeks ago, Pete Caputa and I started an online conversation about starting Inbound Networking Groups. Here's part of the conversation.…


Added by Rick Roberge on July 6, 2012 at 7:27am — No Comments

Networking 101

Networking!  Everybody's doing it, right?  Dashing hither and yon, trying to touch as many other networkers as possible in as short a time as possible.  Thrusting business cards into every available hand.  Spending 2.4 minutes on each person, while looking around for the next, better opportunity.  Rushing around, determined to talk to every single person in the room -- even it's over 100 -- in two hours!  Sorry, can't talk to you; I know you, and there are strangers I haven't met…


Added by Susan Rooks, the Grammar Goddess on May 28, 2012 at 12:22pm — No Comments

Friends Don't Let Friends Be Their Customer

You’ve probably heard this before: All things being equal, people would rather do business with their friends. This may be true, but the question then becomes: Does the friend providing the service feel the same way?

Here’s the scenario: Joe needs a widget. It just so happens that Joe’s friend Jane has a business that produces widgets. Of course Joe is aware…


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The 11 words you shouldn't be saying on LinkedIn

So you’re checking your inbox and there it is, that old familiar line from someone you may have recently met or conversed with briefly: I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. The standard message LinkedIn offers its users to contact possible connections, this expression of disinterest has become truly ubiquitous. Yet, if you resort to this option when you want to connect to someone, what you may be saying to the recipient is: “Hey, here’s the effort I’m…


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"Total Patriots" Book Signing Events

Do you know any loyal and passionate fans of the Patriots?  Please join Bob Hyldburg at one of the "Total Patriots" Book Signing Events in the South Shore on Saturday, December 10th, 2011.  He will be at the Tile Showhouse, on 1143 Washington Street in Hanover, from 1-3 PM and at Bailey's Liquor Store, in Columbian Square in South Weymouth, from 4-6 PM.  Go Patriots!!      

Added by Bob Hyldburg on December 7, 2011 at 1:23pm — No Comments

Website "Technical Support" is a myth, site management is a must

If you're paying your web designer/developer for technical support, you're paying for nothing. With the exception of someone actually going into the code of your web pages and changing something, the only thing that can go wrong with your website is if the server it resides on goes down, and that's the responsibility of your hosting company - which is part of the reason you pay them.  

Has your website company actually explained to you in detail what comprises the technical…


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A note on the event listing pictures.

Out of respect for the police and fire personnel who served and paid the ultimate price on September 11th, 2001--I am using pictures of local police and fire departments for event listings pictures.  Badges, cars, helicopters, etc.


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BOSTON EVENT RESCHEDULED We will be back at Baseball Tavern's Rooftop

There is a scheduling conflict at The Grand Canal, on 8-17-11.

We are moving the event to the Baseball Tavern on Boylston Street, and get exclusive use of their rooftop on 8-29-11 6-9:00 PM


To sign up or more info go to


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Why small businesses don't have a website - and why they should

The internet is not going away. Ever. Oh, it will change - everything evolves - but the internet is the new reality when it comes to information, entertainment, and the future of your business.

Americans are spending more time than ever online. 80% of us now spend as much time online as we do watching television. 9 out of 10 people now do their research online. Terms such as…


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How to get the emails about the only the events you are interested in.

The feature we had on this website to check off the events you were interested in, has been disabled.

It was not compatable with Constant Contact our email service. The people on this site who never checked off anything were automatically entered for all events.  I had it taken out of the website.


To get emails about the cities you are interested in.  The next time you get an email from Networked Events, scroll down to the bottom of the page, there will be some blue…


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